Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bloomberg and Murdoch - Modern Day Gilded Age Tycoons

 I just read a deeply disturbing article that can have long lasting and devasting effects on the middle class and immigration. The CEO, Mr. Iger, of Disney brought in hundreds of Indian immigrants, tricked their employees into training them and then fired the American workers. Employers are using the H-1B visas to do this domestic version of outsourcing. The H-1B visas are supposed to be used for positions in the sciences in which there aren't enough American candidates. Iger used it to bring down labor costs at Disney. Guess who is partnering with Murdoch to push for an overhaul of immigration laws and an increase in H-1B visas? That right, Mr. Bloomberg. They call their organization "A Partnership for a New American Economy" . It has the potential to further decimate the middle-class, cost tax payers billions in unemployment, create intense hatred of immigrants, and make billions for the 1% club. Every large industry, including education, will be looking to bring in cheap labor to replace the American worker. This has the potential to be a disaster for our economy. I don't usually write about economic topics, but I feel everyone should know about this.


  1. The have and have nots...thats the new USA...and Bloomberg is an ego maniac who looks at all people as a mark.

  2. The new USA looks alot like the old USA of the late 1800s. The robber barons of that age, when reaching the end of their lives, contributed to museums, libraries, etc.. The time to do good is when you are here on Earth. Carnegie, Frick, etc. left devastation in their obsession for wealth and power. It seems as if we are going back to that time- no middle class just the very wealthy and the poor.

  3. bloomberg is the biggest slime ball in america and any idiot who votes for this lizard midget is a complete loves to see people lose their jobs and the worst is he pretends to be a humanitarian piece of crap


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