Thursday, November 14, 2019

How Much Will Bloomy Pay for the Presidency?


    There’s only one man that could make me actively campaign for Donald Trump - and that man is Mike Bloomberg. In one way, I feel I may be wrong - in that I actually feel like a cuckold. Who’s more to blame for what happened to teachers - Randi or Bloomy? Randi refused to meet with Bloomy, then had a secret lunch with him and came back with the 2005 teacher’s contract. Her endorsement closed the deal. I liked and respected her and met with her once for a long conversation in which she totally charmed me. Her betrayal still stings. The ramifications of that contract are still felt to this very day - that contract castrated us and the UFT. I always hear folks complaining that the UFT and teachers don’t have balls - well now you know why. Well this is old news - I divorced the UFT, but the slimeball that ruined the marriage is back in town apologizing to women. Where’s my apology Mike? You closed my school and turned me into a traveling substitute teacher. You stole our careers and incentivized our union and the city to discriminate against us in a myriad of ways. Twelve years a slave and now we’re all having flashbacks seeing you vie for our votes and support.
     I wonder if Mike has another secret meeting planned with Randi? How much will it cost him and how much will it cost us? Don’t be fooled again.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Repost - 8/12/15 - Why does Murdoch Hate Trump?

   As some of you may have heard, Mike Bloomberg is once again contemplating a run at the presidency. He bought his third term as mayor and could do the same now. He is the real deal (as compared to the complete fraud that is Trump) - a diabolical and financial genius, incredibly wealthy and smarter than 99% of the populace. Here’s a post from a long time ago - very little has changed - the NY Post and most of the 1% will back Bloomberg over Trump. If you think Trump is bad, you weren’t a civil servant under Mayor Bloomberg. Strange days, indeed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why Does Murdoch Hate Trump? Why Should We Care?


     Why does Mr. Murdoch, or as I like to think of him - the Snow Miser, hate Trump? Why should we care? Well, as I've mentioned in previous post, the owner of the NY Post wants a new American Economy with Mr. Bloomberg . Their organization basically wants to cut wages across the board for many industries by opening up the work force to those who will work for much less. This new American economy would be paved with donations to wanting and wanton politicians. Mr. Trump brought out the fact that our system is broken and every politician is for sale. This candid remark happened while he was getting hammered by a very biased Megyn Kelly on Fox News (owned by Murdoch) . I should also let you know that the NY Post is pushing hard for charter schools, the demise of the UFT and the immediate, if not sooner, end to mayoral control of NY schools . This is all to open up the huge untapped education market here in NYC.
     Is Mr. Trump our friend? Is the enemy of our enemy, our friend? In this case, I would have to say yes. He is educating the public to some very shady practices that can lead to the ultimate destruction of public education as we know it. If our union disappears because of an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling, we won't be able to make any contributions that the Miser Brothers (Murdoch and Bloomberg)

most certainly will. That coupled with Murdoch's ownership of the NY Post and Fox News will be disastrous for us.

*** Please note:  I’m in no way endorsing the anti- Christ Trump. ***


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Desperation for the Charter School Vampires

I’ve been following the numerous, ever increasing NY Post editorial attacks on deBlasio over charter schools and constantly pleading TV and radio ads from Eva. Eva and friends even had a protest and tried in vain to provoke deBlasio To his credit, he didn’t fall for it. Nothing seems to be working, so today the Post and Mona Davids (Charter school parent and enthusiast) upped the ante. You see it’s almost Christmas and everyone wants a new Jag. That’s not going to happen without more victims. How can they get the public and or politicians outraged enough to force the hand of the mayor into doing what they want or lift his control of schools? Well, it’s another attack on mayoral control of the DOE and teachers.

Recently, we’ve  been called radioactive sharks and female teachers were inferred to be money hungry whores now it’s these two articles in today’s Post -
and It paints teachers as sex crazed Pedophiles that can do whatever they want, get highly paid for doing nothing (with the rest of the criminals in the ATR pool) - all while the poor vampires are locked out of the blood bank. Sue, as a wonderful and fair writer, these two articles are beneath you in their barely disguised goals.

Desperate times and Bravo to you, Mayor deBlasio!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sue Edelman Draws Attention to the ATR Farce

Artist - Caroline Marine

     Sue Edelman has an article in the Post concerning ATRs. I haven’t seen much about the ATR pool from any source, other than the UFT late last spring - which claimed it was down to between 600 - 300 teachers. Of course, most of us knew this was more BS from the fertilizer factory at 52 Broadway. Also amidst a silent teenage mental health and homeless crisis, that have been playing out concurrently for NYC public school students, there exists a tremendous shortage of guidance counselors and social workers. Of course, no one addresses that ATR social workers and guidance counselors are sitting in closets or defunct libraries with their thumbs up their asses watching each day pass like wet paint drying. But hey, they got it a lot better than ATR teacher/ babysitters. They’re the oft mentioned slave labor force of the DOE, with everyone treating them like untouchables in 19th century India - hey, they can clean the toilets, but definitely not use them.

   If you are an ATR, or former one, you have to support Carranza for discarding the dried up turds that Bloomberg defecated all over the DOE a decade ago. Now, what about the UFT? What has that group of Giorgio Armani wearing, quail eating, Gin &Tonic swilling, self-aggrandizing, greedy, manipulative Soprano wannabes done? Zero. I’ve said it many times, and will continue to do so (until they start performing their fiduciary duties), no ATR should be paying dues, until the UFT fights to place all ATRs (before new hires in a mutually agreed upon school).  Additionally, veteran  teachers will always have a target on their backs while the Fair Student Funding accounting scheme remains in effect. There will always be an ATR pool as long as it remains. The Executive Board should challenge that scheme, (as Ms. Hinds did years ago to rejection by Mulgrew) - instead their acquiescence is solidified by them pressing for 100% funding under that scheme. (As I read via Arthur’s minutes - thank you, Arthur, without you the Rank & File would know nothing). I questioned two district reps last year about FSF and they both admitted that the UFT isn’t fighting to end it, didn’t know why and that if FSF was eliminated the ATR pool and the underfunding of schools would end over night - all money would come directly from central, as per pre-Bloomberg days. And hey who wouldn’t want an experienced 50 something year old homeboy, over a Playboy bunny from OshKosh, who never heard of Harriet Tubman? Yeah, I know all Bloomy’s left over turds.

   One final note on our strange times - Bloomberg is seriously thinking of running for President of the United States. Now, as I’ve always said many times, I will vote for a ham sandwich over Trump. I will not however vote for Bloomberg over him. If Bloomberg gets the nomination, he will beat Trump.  If you worked in NYC under his ‘12 Years a Slave’ regime, you know what will happen to this country and to all unions. I may have to start actively campaigning for the anti-Christ Trump. I’m joking of course - I’ll move to Canada.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bloomberg’s aides (aka Bloomberg) Hypocritical Attack on deBlasio

The NY Post is always a barrel of laughs if you aren’t a billionaire looking to subjugate the masses. It’s happy Trump is in office, but still edifies Bloomberg, as if he never left.   Everything the Post accuses deBlasio of doing was perfected by Bloomberg. All his cronies became millionaires via their city hall offices. Schools were closed, retail schools took their place, Fair Student Funding was presented (and accepted by the UFT), charter schools were given space inside public schools, textbooks were tossed en masse to be replaced with Pearson drivel at over a hundred bucks a book, the office of curriculum development was closed (meaning there was no longer a uniform curriculum for any subject) forcing teachers to reinvent the wheel costing each of us hundreds of hours of unpaid time, crime and incidents were now held against schools - hit the threshold and the school was closed. It’s in that environment I worked as a dean in what became statistically the most dangerous school in the country. It went overnight from being very bad to extremely violent. The 27 year old leadership principal didn’t want anything reported and told us if we did the school would be closed down. Teachers were getting robbed and assaulted almost daily and he (the principal) convinced each and everyone of them not to report it. Full disclosure - most of them were very young and untenured. He refused to meet me or even look at me. Surprising because he put me in charge of the department and I reported every single incident via an Orrs report. I also spent at least three days a week down at Courtlandt Ave at suspension hearings.

Ok. Did these thing help? No, things got much worse. Bloomberg wanted the school closed, but we were making our numbers academically, via lowered truancy and via stagnant incident reports. The autumn before Wolcott came in and announced the school would be closed, we had at least five fights per day - three broke out while Wolcott was in the lobby. Kids were making up their classes (including gym) on a computer. I think the programs were connected to Klein’s bs computer company. Bloomy was being thwarted in closing the school, so he made a rule that any teenager that spent over 90 days in Rikers had to be sent to our school no matter what part of the borough they lived in. Things then exploded - we had rapes, attempted murders and everything in between. It was too severe to be hidden, the school went impact and the stats plummeted. Over 300 kids got safety transfers that fall. Bloomy turned us all into ATRs and even while the school was being phased down there was no college office and just a couple of guidance counselors for some profoundly criminally insane teens.

I won’t mention any individual by name of four recent murderers (three homeless) captured in NYC for some horrific crimes. All of them were in our school and were personally suspended by me. These guys are all now  24 - 28 years old. Under Bloomberg they got no mental health care, were suspended constantly and weren’t helped in any way. How many of our former students from the Bloomberg years are now homeless? In jail? Dead? I don’t know, but for Bloomberg to say deBlasio has to do something with  the homeless population ignores his huge contribution to it. When he was mayor he hid the homeless and created thousands more by running schools as businesses instead of social institutions. DeBlasio, under no circumstance, should embrace Bloomberg’s ideology - we voted for him for being a caring, humanist - not another businessman SOB.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday, September 29


   I haven’t written in awhile. I guess I don’t have much to say these days, other than for the first time in many years I’m content. I’m up in Albany this weekend visiting my son and opened my Post app this morning  The Post is reporting some of what has been going in public schools. The same things that have been going on for at least twenty years, and much that was initiated by Bloomberg. Strange the Post never reported any of it back then. What could be the possible result of all this?

    There is a good chance mayoral control will be lifted from Mayor Bill. A mayor, who’s in charge of the schools, can’t ignore compelling complaints and verifiable proof of rampant academic fraud, while touting just the opposite. If deBlasio’s control is lifted, the charter school cap will be lifted as well. DeBlasio has completely thwarted the charter school vampires. This is the true reason the Post has involved itself, and major reason why the UFT and CSA support deBlasio.  Carranza is irrelevant - he is deBlasio’s employee. The UFT has entwined themselves with the CSA in more ways than just this. It has refused to stand up to or publicly address corrupt principals. These DOE, UFT and CSA  maneuvers remind me of the evil elegance of capitalism’s triangular trade during our country’s long slave eras.

    That the UFT, CSA and DOE embrace this type of business model and all its inherent atrocities is indicative of what they have all become - incredibly corrupt, self serving entities that have betrayed their constituents - students, teachers, parents, union members and tax payers of NYC. One of the major components of their shared business model is Fair Student Funding. FSF creates an artificial incentive for individual schools to hire the least expensive and thus least experienced teacher. The double dues - one from the displaced teacher and the other from the new hire stops the UFT from fighting FSF and all that goes with it - the ATR pool, teaching as a transitory job and the ideals of real education - which is very much at odds with the school as business model. All this will cause a large uptick in teachers refusing to pay dues next June. Many, including myself, see the UFT for what it is - a complete sham. Many want and need a separate union - separate from the UFT. We see the UFT as corrupt, undemocratic and increasingly putting its own idiosyncratic self interests ahead of the rank and file and of the students that rely on us as teachers and as de facto part time parents. How many teachers have continually reported outrages for years to a deaf UFT? When the charter cap is lifted and attendance drops to half, what’s going to happen? It will be too late then for teachers to demand an honest and responsive union. The ship will sink fast and all the Mulgrews and Weingartens will jump off very quickly.

P.S. DeBlasio’s current embracing of corporate deformers a play to stop the schools from being lifted out of his control. This goes against everything he has publicly stated and denigrates his message and leadership. It also seems desperate.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

RePost 3/27/16 - Schools : Social Institutions or Businesses?

Here’s an old post - still relevant as Bloomberg’s Business Model for NYC Public Schools remains fused onto the NYCDOE like the monstrous creature from the movie ‘Alien’.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Schools : Social Institutions or Businesses?

     Years ago, when I was going through numerous education classes to get my Masters at Lehman College, I became involved in a heated debate with several students and our professor. This was the early 1990s and there was a push to have teachers become involved with students holistically. In other words, not just teaching them. Helping them through individual difficulties, no matter what those difficulties might be. Several students in the class balked and basically said they were training to be teachers, not priests or social workers. I came from an era where my teachers were rigid, feared and respected. The professor went on and said the students should call us by our first names. Some of my African friends nearly fainted on the spot. It took one a full minute to retrieve his power of speech, at which point he let out a scream that could be heard in Queens. I thought about it and thought it was a humanistic view. I wasn't keen on the first name basis, as that could blur the boundary lines for the students, but as a new teacher I thought it was ok.

   One of the first and many subsequent observations I received always commented on my close rapport with my classes. I cared about my students and most of them seemed to care about me. I never got too friendly, but I had many close relationships with my students. Many times they would come to me before their guidance counselor. I always let them know that if they told me anything that put them or someone else in danger I had to report it. Of course, I usually got a suicide threat once a year, usually right before Thanksgiving or Christmas break. One came to me as I was walking out the door at 4PM before Thanksgiving day. No one was left in the guidance department and the AP was gone. I followed the procedures and got her help. I knew it wasn't anything other than the bleak depressing thought of going home that had caused this. Schools were social institutions, meant to be caring centers of learning.

   Fast forward 20 plus years, same kids with the same problems. Teachers are fixated with their ratings, which are contingent on student test scores. Teachers are rigid again, but certainly not feared or respected. The rigidity is from stress and their own fear. Will this school close down? Will I get tenure? Will I lose my job? This is the business model of education. These are the same things the clerks in retail shops all over the city ask themselves. Each school has its own brand and if the statistics aren't high enough, it will be shut down. What about the students? Well they can go to a different school. No big deal, it's like buying a cheeseburger.