Tuesday, June 2, 2020

National Karma

    I got home last night after a restful hiatus in the bucolic Hudson, NY. There was a large protest on Sunday in the local park against police brutality. It was peaceful and well represented by all groups, young and old, Black and White, and rich and poor. There was also a police presence there and in front of Hudson Correctional. I got up this morning and my Bronx/Yonkers neighborhood looked like it was invaded by human locusts, which indeed it was. Stores were looted and trash cans burned. These locusts weren’t protestors. They are using Mr. Floyd’s death and the protestors for their own thievery and violence. It’s disgusting and it seems that the mayor and governor don’t truly understand the difference between the looters and the protestors. If they did none of this would have happened. Their fawning accommodations to liberalism for political gain has allowed countless people to get hurt and businesses looted. I would remind them that NYC is one of the most segregated cities in the country.

   Segregation condones and manifests the foul intangibility of stereotypes into profound evil. How long before roving packs or individuals take out their fear and anger on those of the offending race? How long before store owners start shooting into the marauding crowds of teens, like the ones we have all babysat for those fake grades and diplomas? I’ve heard many times today that if the schools were open this wouldn’t have happened.   I’ve also heard many times today that if the country was open and people were working this wouldn’t have happened.. There may be some truth to that. (You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be back in the classroom ASAP, virus or no virus.) But, there’s also the truth that systemic racism is alive and well in this country and our history of slavery, on which this country was built, has not been adequately resolved. Until it is, and dealt with openly, there will always be another Eric Gardner, another jail built, more drug addiction, more welfare, more homelessness and those, let’s not forget those, worthless high school diplomas. The UFT speaks out to honor Mr. Floyd, while staying silent on educational fraud and behavioral negligence. We should all be marching about that.

   This is my last post. I want to thank all my readers over the years. Always fight the good fight.


  1. Sorry to see you go and offer a suggestion to keep posting. Although this site never seems to gain much in comments I am sure many of us read your posts here. Don't give up the fight and your words are valued and read be assured..Consider keeping your site running. If not stay safe be well and thank you for contributing to our professsion

    1. Thank you. I've found that dwelling on the dual injustices of the DOE and UFT isn't constructive. I've been retired for awhile now and it's time to put those years behind me. I will always be a teacher and support teacher rights especially for those that must endure the hellishly bizarre NYC system. Cheers

  2. What's your opinion on what's going on in this country? Be straight like you always are, I don't think you are a liberal or conservative. I don't even know anything about you.

  3. It's strange you say that. My conservative friends think I'm liberal and my liberal friends think I'm conservative. Everyone is hung up on classifying people. I think that has to change. Trump is exasperating the current crisis by creating more hatred and division. Any person with half a heart would be trying to calm things down. As for the protests, they are long overdue. Personally, I found Eric Gardner's murder to be much worse - but these murders by the police have been going on for years. Years ago, two Black men burglarized my home in Yonkers. I chased one down in my underwear and was brought into the local precinct. A Dectective Valerio was on duty and was pissed he couldn't go home because of the paperwork involved. He started getting nasty and started cursing at me. I told him to let the burglar go, I wasn't pressing charges. He got much worse and I called him a motherfucker. He put the tip of his nose on my nose and told me if I called him that again he was going to shoot me. I called it to him again and he pulled his gun on me in front of all the police officers there. Two cops stopped him from shooting me. The DA soon after arrived and I told him I wasn't pressing charges against the burglar, but I wanted to against Dectective Valerio. He said he wasn't concerned with that. Two cops drove me home. I started getting constant calls from a victims counseling service that was recommended by Valerio, who told them I was traumatized. Several cops visited me and pleaded with me not to press charges against Valerio, saying he was an asshole and most cops weren't like him. They also told me in not so many words that I'd have to watch myself if I did. For the next two weeks there was a cop car outside my apartment. The Yonkers cops were notorious back in the 90's and my wife was afraid. I decided not to file a complaint. Would that detective have shot me if I was Black? Yes, I believe he would have. Are all cops like him? No. Do we need cops? Yes. Do we need cops like Valerio? No. Unfortunately, for all of us there are too many angry, arrogant, trigger happy cops.

  4. I wanted to clarify my comment - Gardner's murder wasn't worse - both were murders. Why I wrote I found it was worse was that the cop involved wasn't convicted. Perhaps, Mr. Floyd's murderer will get away too? I believe that's a real possibility, and therein lies a major component of the anger and the protests.

  5. Bronx ATR, please write again! I miss your insightful commentary and blogs!

  6. Thank you. Some friends have been asking me as well. Chaz’s passing really hurt, if I can fill that void in some small way I shall definitely consider your request. Let me know if there’s a specific topic that you’d like broached.


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