Monday, October 19, 2020

On the Edge of a Precipice

“We are living in dangerously weird times now.  Smart people just shrug and admit they’re dazed and confused.  The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb.  It’s the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it.  Doom is the operative ethic.”  Hunter S. Thompson    

     Some folks have been asking me to post about our current state of affairs. Where do I begin? Mulgrew and DeBlasio screwed us again. We get half our money this month and half in July. This is money that was owed to us interest free from a decade ago. Very soon those two less than quarter wits will be going to the rank and file looking for another loan, screaming that layoffs are coming. Layoffs for the bright and shiny new clones they just hired with our money. And don’t forget all those lovely dues that made up for the 7% that opted out. (Wait until next June, Mulgrew, it will hit 30%) The layoffs will come anyway, but your money may save DeBlasio and Carrananza’s crew from getting laid off. You know - the three tiers of Bureaucrats, that no one has any idea about.  Remember how the DOE treated us and that they had the unmitigated gall to renege on an owed debt. Vote accordingly. I don’t believe NYC can survive another year with DeBlasio in office. If Mulgrew had any sense he’d make an ugly public fight on everything with him and try to regain some trust and respect from the rank and file. 

     Mulgrew is a walking, talking joke of a Union president. No one believes anything out of his mouth. Everything he accuses Trump of he is guilty of himself. If someone, anyone would challenge him, he/she would get incredible traction. You listening Lydia? Press him, hard. Go on YouTube and blast him for his betrayals, stupidity and cowardice. You will succeed. Even retirees are cursing him - especially those who were ATRs, owed money or were forced to leave because the filthy warehouses, called schools, were opened for free babysitting services, while every other large cities’ school systems remained closed. 

   Oh yeah, and those schools aren’t managed even marginally correctly in terms of virus control. There is no mandatory testing for anyone and if many are asymptotic, the ‘middle age spread’ will have a new deadly meaning with the onset of cold weather. Some are saying we are in for a very cold winter. I’ve never seen so many fat squirrels with bushy tails. They have never dug up my plants and flowers, but this fall they have destroyed everything while hiding their acorns. (I know life is rough for me.) I also ran into a scientist who told me the sun spots have him concerned. They can cut the warmth from the sun by 1/3 or more. Hopefully the squirrels and scientists are wrong. But, if they are right and we have a bad winter, the virus could get very bad again.

    That leads me to the presidential election. Could Trump be any more boorish? That debate was a disgrace, how about some civility? Biden would have put his foot in his mouth if given half a chance. I don’t hate Trump. (I love the fact that he’s anti-abortion. It is the single greatest evil in this country. Read up on it objectively.) I don’t hate Biden. I think I once helped him find his way out of the restroom of Peter Luger’s. I’m joking, of course, but you get my point. He has some issues, but they are more or less equalized by Trump’s. At least he finally admitted he’s Irish Catholic. (I’m tired of self hating Irish Americans claiming or acquiescing to be Wasps (Pence), Italians (half of LI and Queens) or Mexicans (Beto).) Why isn’t the Roman Catholic Church excommunicating Biden, Cuomo and the rest of the gang that are stomping for abortion? The RC Church is a lot like the UFT. They have incredible unused power in an extremely undemocratic setting. No offense intended and I left both. 

   Let’s get back to the title. We are on a precipice. We can lose everything that most of us have spent our whole lives working for. You can sit back and allow it or you can vote, speak up and fight. Remember there is no shame in being afraid - it allows you to be careful while you fight. Never allow fear to freeze you up, allow it to spur you to great things. Our best days are not over unless we allow them to be. Stand up, refuse, revolt and fight for what you believe in. That time has come. Stay strong and think for yourself.


  1. did you catch Harris' dig at Pence when she said Biden would be only the second Catholic president?

  2. Yes, I caught it. It was very ironic and cutting, in that Biden is a Catholic going against Church doctrine in promoting abortion, while Pence is a former Catholic following it. Her eyes actually seemed to sparkle when she made the comment. I don’t think many understood what she was doing.

  3. What’s going to happen if Trump wins? Biden?

  4. If Trump wins it will devastate many. Of course, there will be social unrest. That anger will be in other countries as well. I don’t think China will be happy, to put it mildly. I have close friends who believe we will be visited by an EMP that will fry all our electrical devices - no more cellphones, computers, TV, cars (work on electric starters) and almost everything we use. Much has been taken from us via the virus and instead of us getting closer and kinder, we have become angrier, more introverted, more selfish and technology in large part has facilitated that. So maybe G-d will allow that devastation for our betterment, I don’t know. All I do know is that I will never take anything for granted again.
    I’ve watched Biden since the Anita Hill hearings and he’s done less than nothing since then. If he’s elected, it will accelerate our societal decline. I don’t believe he has the mental acumen to hold office and will be a puppet or hand control over to Harris. They will push cancel culture. The stock market may crash and unemployment may become semi-permanent. Colleges will still cost a fortune, oil will still be king and there will a severe weakening of everything we once held dear.
    Not good scenarios either way. Many believe we are entering our last days. There are overlapping warnings from different cultures and religions. (For example, the Mayan calendar was recently readjusted and it appears the date of its end is 12/31/20 - “the tools of man will turn against him.”) I’ve always believed everything will end with a fizzle, not a bang. Pray and prepare for the worst.

  5. Yes, but who do you think will win?

  6. I was 100% sure Trump would win last time, this time there’s some uncertainty. I drove to work in heavy rain yesterday and at the school’s quarter mile track there were about 200 senior citizen lined up waiting to vote. This affluent town is about fifty miles outside NYC and most people I speak to there want Trump to win. My neighborhood is also for Trump but as I go further into the Bronx, that changes. My liberal (mostly Jewish and Episcopalian) friends hate Trump. My practicing Jewish friends love Trump. My conservative friends (mostly Italian Catholics) love Trump. My immigrant friends from Latin America are also voting for Trump, in large part because of the anger at the Democrats catering to the undocumented and ignoring those who waited their turns and suffered and struggled. My Black friends, who are all pastors, are voting for Trump because of the abortion issue. My own family is mostly divided. No one can say they will vote for Trump in front of my mom, she hates him with a passion. I’d say it’s the same in society at large, many will quietly vote for Trump. Each side will contest the results. There will be tremendous social unrest when Trump ultimately wins.


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