Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Harry from Boca with ATR News

  This is a post from my best friend, Harry, from Boca. He taught for thirty one years and was an ATR for his last three years. Harry is a great guy and I have no reason to doubt the veracity of the following post. I don't know why Mulgrew would casually answer his questions or if Mulgrew's answers to those questions are true. Check your Magic 8 Ball.

   ' I went to a retiree meeting on March 30th, in Boca, in which Mike Mulgrew preceded over. At 61 years old, I was the youngest person there by at least ten years. When Mike took the podium, the old folk started to elevate out of their chairs, like errant helium balloons at a country fair. For safety, he listed his litany of oncoming disasters slowly- thus allowing the air to escape gradually as they slowly deflated back down. Even so, I'm sure he had an ambulance or two waiting by the doors. He started off by reiterating the political climate. Trump, DeVos and all the deformer groups looking to capitalize on charter school money. He mentioned a Fredrichs type case that could come back to the Supreme Court. He said there were huge cuts on the horizon. He mentioned that after school programs. summer school and evening school will have to be cut. He mentioned it was due to the cuts that would be coming from the federal and state governments, as well as the possibility of fines for being a sanctuary city. Mulgrew also mentioned that these charters schools are not being scrutinized the way they should; some of them may be funneling money into foreign countries. Mulgrew also brought up a severe teacher shortage. He then greeted us individually and asked for questions, so I asked,
 You have a couple of thousand of teachers babysitting, why don't you use them?
 Mulgrew: There's not a couple of thousand, it's less than a thousand. The ATR pool will be over as
of September 1st. They will be force placed. The city can no longer afford the expense. It's a done deal, I'm signing off on it next week.
Me: Forced placed into teaching positions or babysitting?
Mulgrew: Teaching. Anyone else have a question?
Me: Just one more thing, what about teachers that have business or other hard to place licenses?
Mulgrew: There are enough vacancies for all ATRs to be placed in their content area.
I then tried to get another question in and was elbowed in the ribs by a ninety year old retiree. She said, "You've asked enough questions from President Mulgrew, just shut up!" She then asked Mulgrew, "How long do we have to wait to vote for you again? You're the best UFT president we've ever had!" She was looking at him like a starving man would look at a corned beef on rye sandwich  in Katz's. Everyone was in awe of him. He made a quick exit saying he had a very important meeting that evening in NY. The audience was cheering wildly like they were at rock concert.'

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