Friday, April 28, 2017

Hey Mulgrew, Give the ATRs the Info on the Deal you Made for Us


    I recently wrote about Mulgrew answering my buddy, Boca Harry, concerning the demise of the ATR pool as of 9/1/17 and our forced placement. Friends in high places in the UFT assured me Mulgrew would reveal the particulars over a month ago. We're still waiting. The ICEUFT blog found the city saving the ATR cost of 187 million per year in the new city budget. This logically asserts the approximate number of ATRs at 1,870 and that the deal has been done for weeks. Hey Mike, how about some straight talk and information? I've been paying dues for 25 years, never brought up on charges, never given an Unsatisfactory and have been treated like a pariah ever since my school closed. I don't expect to be treated that way from the union I pay dues to and am a current member in good standing.
      I have to say many of us are coming to a slow boil. Why weren't we asked for input? Why aren't we kept informed? Why are we completely ignored or at best treated as a repulsive afterthought like the acid reflux from the under cooked quail at a UFT dinner? If union dues become optional do you expect the support of those you have ignored?
      When does the UFT plan on informing us, August 31st?

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