Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Principals, Start Your Engines! The Race is On!

The race is on!

     Holy cannoli! ATRs and their high salaried, expansive derrières are going to be force placed into schools that have vacancies as of October 15th. That can mean only one thing - a massive race to get the cheapest possible candidate on board before that date; as well as competing with every principal in the city for the same candidates. Where to look? If I were a principal, I would troll the the Charter Schools. Stand outside the best ones with free bagels and coffee and start talking. Heck, bring twenty dollar bills. Chalkbeat would be another place I'd try, as well as Craigslist. Maybe a paid ad or two in the more scholarly journals or MAD magazine? Hey, I don't blame the principals - I would do the same thing. That's right - if my budget was cut and I had a vacancy, why should I have to pay an ATR, 100K, even if he or she is the superior candidate? How is that fair to the school? How is it fair to the ATR, that has no say and may be burdened with the ill feeling that the administration may feel about that placement? How will that ATR's punititive salary affect the ATR's potential rating? I'd try to get rid of that ATR pronto. Wouldn't you?

    Two weeks ago I met some newly excessed teachers that have between 10-15 years in and as such are not at the highest end of the pay scale. For the few schools that may have vacancies, those are the ATRs that will be placed first. They are good experienced teachers and cheaper than most ATRs. Again, a no brainer for the unfortunate principal that may have a vacancy as of 10/15.

   Mr. Asher's webinar was excellent and I thank him for having it. It would have been nice if the UFT could have had the decency to have a meeting or two, but hey, we know what we're dealing with. In my opinion nothing will change until the DOE goes back to centralized funding. The best candidates should be placed regardless of salary and the students should have the best teachers. The FOIL request from the Post and the charter parent group should be honored and will show most ATRs come from closed schools, have never been rated unsatisfactorily or brought up on charges. Mr. Asher brought up these facts. Thank you, sir and thank you, Bill DeBlasio for also bringing it up. A very positive sign, especially in light of the outrageous articles in the NY Post. your summer and that 50K, if you're so inclined.

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