Friday, August 11, 2017

Heat Bugs and Their Beautiful Song


   I was sitting outside at around six this morning with my sister's Italian Greyhound, Lorcan. Lorcan is an unusual creature. He seems to understand me when I speak to him. My sister has a family of feral cats that he protects and that live under the backyard deck. They completely trust him and seek him out, but have always stayed far away from me. He was recently hurt protecting them from a skunk and got sprayed in the mouth. His internal organs were hurt and it looked like he might have to be put down - put happily he made a complete recovery. I was sitting outside listening to heat bugs with Lorcan. Suddenly, all these kittens came out of nowhere to sit by my feet. I concentrated on the song of the heat bugs.  If you are a teacher you know this song. It's poignant for it is a song played at nature's prime. We know the end is near. August and the end of summer quickly approaching. It's always been such a sad song for me, but this year it was much more beautiful than anything I've ever heard before. Glorious in a multitude of ways. Realize everyday is a gift and make your own happiness. Be kind to one another, it costs nothing and will save your life. Enjoy these final days.

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