Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Nightmares of Janus and Sex and the City

Mike: I'm really worried about this f--king Janus, Andy. Do you know any ninjas I can hire to take care of him?

Andy: I heard Randi's taking kickboxing, why don't you get her to do it?

Mike: She'll tell me I can't run to mommy with every little problem.

Andy: So you run to me? I have problems of my own. That Sex and the City broad is running against me and wants to legalize marijuana! Every pot head in the state will vote for her - that's 95% of the population! What the heck am I supposed to do?

Mike: Maybe we can help each other?! I'll have my rank and file vote for you with the UFT's endorsement!

Andy: You're not as stupid as you look! I like it! What do you want in exchange?

Mike: I want guarantees that if Janus goes against us there's no automatic opt out for those ungrateful bastards I have given every hair on my head representing! Also the cheap shits shouldn't get any benefits from our crack team of lawyers or even our outstanding well trained chapter leaders!

Andy: Ummmm. You're asking a lot... I'm having nightmares of Sex and City episodes playing non-stop in my head, so you have a deal!

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