Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A New High School Fad - Beating Up Your Teacher and Videotaping It

There have been two recent incidents of teachers being physically beaten up by a student. One in Yonkers and the other in New Jersey. Both were videotaped. As a man and a teacher, I can only imagine the humiliation they must be going through. In the Yonkers case, the family went on Channel 12 news and blamed the teacher. Tonight, on the Joe Walsh radio show, he is questioning why the NJ teacher didn't fight back!

The explosion of cell phone video and the rampant disrespect of teachers by everyone, seems to be seeping into the classroom. As no one is respecting us as people or professionals, I expect these attacks to increase. It's been happening for some time, but as more and more school districts allow cell phones into the schools, people will see some hard examples of our students and society's ethical negligence.

I won't put video links to these incidents. They are crimes. They are disgusting. I believe the Yonkers student got a five day suspension. I don't know what happened to the student in NJ? If this happened in NYC, the teacher would be charged with hitting the the kid's hands with his face.

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