Saturday, January 31, 2015

Are ATR APs Being offered a Severance Package?

One  of my buddies called me last night and told me ATR APs are being offered a 10 week severance package, that disappears after March. A severance package implies layoffs. Would their union agree to this?! I don't know. Perhaps a buyout is the more accurate term. I hate to think of anyone losing their jobs. Why would this be offered now? What effects will it have on ATR teachers? If it is a buyout, I can't imagine many taking a paltry 10 week payout in the middle of the year.

UPDATE 4/11/15: Several of my friends, who are ATR APs took the buy out. I want to wish them good luck. Many forget how professional these APs were and they like ATR teachers were left without a position when their schools closed.

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