Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Dinner With Andy

Andy: How are you? You're looking a little worse for wear.

Atlas: I'm good, but it's been a long winter though.

Andy: I hope you haven't gone over your allotted 10 days?! I had my subjects do some research and I had the results published. 16% went over 11 days last year. (Smiling) It will be a lot more this year!(Then in very low voice) It's very warm where I live, I'd love you to join me.

Atlas: No, thanks Andy. I want my heart and soul intact.

Andy: Now I'm getting hungry! I think I'll have hearts of ATRs-I-choked - I mean hearts of artichoke! You look nervous. Just kidding, Atlas!

Atlas: I'm not nervous Andy.  People are beginning to see you for who you are.

Andy: You're right, that's why I need you teachers as a smoke screen and as scapegoats. By the way, do you still consider yourself to be a teacher?

Atlas: I do. Do you still consider yourself to be a governor?

Andy: An angel with an angle, Atlas! I should have chosen a better looking body. I will be president one day.

Atlas: Very sure of yourself! So what's  new in your world?

Andy: Same world as yours. I've been getting many souls here in NYC; they should rename the city for me. I've been enjoying myself getting the public to believe you are all rich pedophiles. Those media moguls are invaluable to me. Did you read the paper this morning?

Atlas: Yes. There's supposed to be an assumption of innocence.

Andy: Not with teachers, my friend! Their guilt is just too valuable for my cause. In fact, only priests and rabbis are more valuable to me.

Atlas: Tell me why you asked me for dinner because I'm losing my appetite.

Andy: I want you to join me. I'll give your own charter school, lots of money and the potential for lots of power - if you prove yourself.

Atlas: No thanks, Andy. I'll stay an ATR.

Andy: That's ATR-ocious! Then I will make your life very difficult. Different schools, no respect from anyone and the constant threat of career loss.

Atlas: That's already been done. I'm leaving.

Andy: I'll give you some time to think about it. You have until June 24, 2016. I had a feeling you'd walk out and invited some other guests. Say hello to Mike and Randi!

Atlas: I'm out of here. Leave me alone!

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