Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Laments of Atlas

Harry: Atlas, give me your take on schools, kids and anything else you feel like talking about.

Atlas: Sure. I think kids and people are basically the same as they always have been.

Harry: What?! I was never like these kids!

Atlas: Sure you were, but you had a mother and maybe a father who would kick your ass if you got out of line. When I was in school the teachers would kick our ass, then we'd go home and get another beating. Now the kids are beating up the teacher and the parent is coming in to finish the job.

Harry: Yes, it's true. But, their slovenly appearance, obscene music, lack of manners!

Atlas: Come on, you still dress like a slob! You still listen to Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. And when was the last time you treated a student like a person?

Harry: Atlas, you go to far! Fortunately, I have a tough skin and forgive you. So, you think things are the same as when we were kids?!

Atlas: No. Parents are disenfranchised from the schools. Technology has made cruel behavior easier and less likely to be changed. Real consequences in schools are not immediately there for students. It is however, there upon entering society.

Harry: What can be done?

Atlas: The rights of the kids who want to learn should take precedence over those who don't. Basics should be brought back. Civility, penmanship, and home economics.

Harry: Seriously! You're nuts.

Atlas: Ask a kid to tell time from a clock. Ask him to sign his name. Ask him if he can cook a simple meal or do a load of wash. Ask him what he'd do if there was an old lady standing on the bus and he was sitting. You may be very surprised.

Harry: I have to begrudgingly agree with you. Society seems to getting worse and worse.

Atlas: The fall of the Roman Empire was more gradual than ours. The Dark Ages will return.

Harry: I think they're already here!

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