Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The UFT's Latest Insult


    There was a news release  on "sub-par teachers" also known as ATRs last Friday,http://ny.chalkbeat.org/2015/03/20/since-new-contract-most-teachers-who-left-payroll-took-buyouts-or-retired/#.VRCmMob3aK0. A little creative manipulation of the total ATRs (don't count those temporarily placed; use the lower numbers to make the statistics of those leaving seem higher, and don't give the figures of those with Unsatisfactories- or anyone's age, race, gender or pay grade statistics) and we have proof positive that these abject creatures are both inferior and leaving. This of course was accomplished via counseling. What type of counseling is this (if Bloomberg couldn't do it with all his demoralizing tactics)? I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

     One would think the UFT would be outraged at this statistical dog and pony show. No, Mulgrew just stated Bloomberg created a mess that would take years to fix. (As in until you retire or are counseled out.) A disguised acquiescence that totally ignores our rights as people and UFT members. Mulgrew is paid to advocate for his members, not use them for brownie points with a new mayor.

     It gets worse. The ATR pool is close to the 2,000 mark and we have one representative. We should have one chapter leader for every 60 ATRs. So the politically correct, progressive, fair-minded UFT has deigned to allow us to run for chapter leader (in whatever school we find ourselves in during the first week of May). I guess they are so used to dealing with their sycophants that they think everyone will concede that this accomplishes their legal requirement. Why would anyone vote for a chapter leader that will be leaving in a couple of weeks? Even if he/she were voted in, how could the CL duties be upheld? All ATRs should be allowed to vote in their own numeric district for an ATR Chapter Leader.

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