Monday, March 30, 2015

A Victory For the UFT!

Andy: Mike, I want to thank you and Randi for all your hard work. I could never have gotten all I wanted without both of you.
Mike: Andy, this was a victory for all of us!

Randi: All except the teachers! (laughing) They really deserve everything they get.

Mike: That's a little harsh, Randi. Remember they voted us in!

Randi: I've always said you're smarter than you look!

Andy: Enough of this nonsense! I want a list of failing schools to put into receivership! I want to personally give those teachers their pink slips.

Eva: Andy, you make me swoon with delight when you talk like that!

Andy: I told you you'd get everything you wanted, didn't I?

Eva: Yes, just make sure you get rid of the email!

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  1. I think Evil Moscowitch could be better portrayed by Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch of the West fame). The BoF is too hot for us ATR's (especially with the gray streak!). Love your minimovie.


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