Friday, April 3, 2015

Kool-Aid, Anyone?

As I went through my day (at a large campus school building yesterday), I spoke to many teachers about the latest news of Cuomo's victory. The vast majority didn't know what I was talking about! Several told me the UFT won the fight!

Only during lunch did I met 2 senior teachers who knew what I was speaking about. One was a chapter leader and the other a delegate. I said I would have to give Mulgrew an ineffective as UFT president. The delegate became very combative and was offended. I asked him if he took an oath of allegiance. He got even more angry and said " Certainly not, where do you hear such bullshit?!". I added that I knew the delegates had to vote in unison. He denied this as well. He said we vote according to our own directives. "We at New Action are our own people." That tidbit explained why he wasn't subject to the oaths and rubber stamp voting. I told him New Action appears to be no different than Unity and that they are perceived as such. His colleague, the Chapter Leader agreed. The delegate then went on to say, that pragmatically, choices were made in order to achieve change within the union. He then went on to demand that I explain why I wasn't happy with Mulgrew. I explained that ATRs are treated unequally and that Mulgrew said the current debacle was a victory for teachers.

He responded that Mulgrew had to say that for public relations; "He has to keep the public knowing that the union is strong." I looked at him dumbfounded and he got up and left.

It seems as if everyone has drunk the Kool-Aid.

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