Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Andy's Anxiety

Andy: I don't like what I'm hearing about parents opting out of my Common Core tests. I need those failing scores to continue my dismantling of the public schools and their teachers. I will hold you personally responsible Randi!

Randi: Don't blame me! All I did was tweet that if I had a kid I would opt out. I had to make it look like I was on their side. I never took an official stand against it and made sure Mike didn't either!

Mike: That's right Andy! I even told the dummies we won in our battle against you.

Andy: Mike, I have to tell you I peed my pants when I heard that one! At least you didn't threaten to punch anyone in the nose again. Just tell those teachers they better not try to convince those kids or parents to opt out! I expect a massive failure rate.

Eva: Andy, stop! I'm getting flushed.

Andy: Just remember I want one of those charters named after me!

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