Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Sky is Not Falling!

ATR Neo: Hey Atlas, I remember you saying Cuomo's anti-teacher agenda was going nowhere! He's won! It's all over for teachers and students!

Atlas: I still say his nonsense is going nowhere. The parents are eventually going to win the Common Core battle and he will have egg all over his face. He is going to get completely tripped up because of his enormous ego. No one respects him and most see him for who he is. Our educational system maybe on life support, but it won't be him that pulls the plug.

ATR Neo: What about the teachers?!

Atlas: No one in their right minds will  go into teaching. They may actually need ATRs to teach because of the extreme shortage of teachers that's right around the corner.

ATR Neo: Cuomo will destroy us all!

Atlas: Investigations are looming. His house of cards can fall at any time. The sky is not falling!

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