Friday, May 8, 2015

Please Sign Your Name

I was taking attendance ( in a Junior class of 34) a couple of days ago and asked the students to print and sign their names. I got the sheet back with 2 columns of printed names.
What caused this mishap, a class that didn't know English? No. I asked the class why no one signed their name. One young lady answered, somewhat abashed, that she was never taught to read or write script! So I said, " Let me get this straight, none of you can sign your names? How will you complete applications for employment, passports, driving or write checks?" One kid called out, "What's a check, mister?"

I was recently talking to a former elementary school teacher and was told penmanship is no longer being taught. It is simply deemed unimportant by the Common Core educrats. There are no more business classes and the kids don't know how to write a check, fill out an employment application, budget money or how to act properly on an interview. I tried to talk to two Senior girls who were slyly making fun of my business attire. I explained that when I go to work I have to dress professionally and that (hopefully) they would as well. One had flaming pink hair and the other a green Afro. They actually hung out with me for a half hour talking fashion. One wants to be a cosmetologist and was accepted to a pricey trade school. I told her a few years ago she could have gotten her license for free at a vocational high school. She asked me why they got rid of vocational high schools. I told her I really don't know. It seems we will have no tradespeople soon- only people who can take tests, but not sign their names.

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