Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Scene From 52 Broadway

Mike: I'm hearing alot of saber rattling from the peasant ATRs. What's this all about Amy?

Amy: I have no idea. Let me ask. Mike! Where are you?

Mike S. : Yes, your highness. How may I be of assistance?

Amy: What's going on with the ATRs?

Mike S.: I don't know, let me plug my phone in for about 30 seconds and I'll let you know. (Mike then plugs in his phone and answers a call.)

ATR (on the phone): I've just been U rated for the second year in row. I yawned while the supervisor was threatening me and now I've been brought up on insubordination charges. Please help me!

Mike S. : (Doesn't respond, hangs up phone and runs to Amy.) Amy, the ATRs are being U rated.

Amy: Thanks. ( Goes back to Mike's office)

Mike: Well, what's going on?

Amy: The ATRs are being U rated.

Mike: Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was something serious.

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