Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Importance of a Debate for UFT Presidential Candidates

 Over the past year I've become enamored with political debates. I've watched all the Republican and Democratic debates this year. I've even gone and watched Kennedy debate with Nixon. Nixon's five o'clock shadow filmed in stark black and white did him in. He was in contrast to Kennedy's movie star looks. I think appearance may have been even more important in that era than now. Just how important is a debate for a candidate? For a candidate who is almost assured of a win, it's a decided disadvantage to engage in a debate. That candidate would have everything to lose and very little, if anything, to gain.

     How about for the candidates who want to upset the incumbent? It is paramount for their candidacy to be seen and heard. This is especially true for the voters on the fence. It will give the candidates the opportunity to present their views and allow all to see how well they handle themselves under stress. Surprising qualities can quickly become apparent.

  I would like to see a debate between Lee, Mulgrew and Portelos. I doubt Mulgrew would consent, but the other candidates should. There should be rules and impartial moderators. Both candidates are exemplary individuals who should be given the opportunity to present their views to UFT members who are unaware of their viewpoints or who may be on the fence.

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