Sunday, March 20, 2016

Will There Be a Buy Out? Let's Hope So.


 Many of my brethren ATRs are languishing and hoping for a life preserver to get out of the ATR pool. Is there one coming? The city has billions in surplus, in part because of the great deal Mulgrew gave DeBlasio. Mulgrew says there's no need for an ATR chapter and rumor has it the current ATR provisions have been extended. There are over 2,000 ATRs, so I'm not sure an extension would be signed prematurely unless there an expectation that this number will drop dramatically (also clarifying Mulgrew's viewpoint that an ATR chapter isn't needed).
I'm apt to believe there will be a buy out and that it will be more attractive than the chicken wish (you'd retire)- bone thrown to us last year.


  1. I keep my ear to the wall and I know of no incentive by the City being proposed or even discussed.

    As for the ATR extension? Its a done deal, just that Mulgrew won't announce it until he wins the UFT election in May.


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