Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How is Bernie and Donald's Popularity Related to the DeBlasio Debacle?


      Interesting times. After watching the Republican and Democratic debates this summer, I realized what was at the heart of Bernie and Donald's popularity. This became especially clear during one of the Republican debates; Rubio said Trump made contributions to Hillary. Trump responded he did, that's how business is done. He then added that he had contributed to almost all of them. Kasich said he didn't get any and asked him for money, at which time several more joined in on the panhandling.  
     Most people, myself included, were incredulous. The tangible distain for pandering politicians, taking contributions from those who have their individual and special interests forefront, is what catapulted Trump and Sanders over their rivals. Most people understand it's legal, but find it ethically reprehensible. DeBlasio is currently being targeted for taking contributions. Perfectly legal. He is being vilified in the News and Post. They have already convicted him. While nothing will probably come of it, people are disgusted and disturbed by the accusations against DeBlasio. It may have destroyed his chances for reelection. If purposely orchestrated by Andy, it was a brilliant low down dirty political move.

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