Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vote Unity!

Dear Peasants,
It's come to my attention there will be voting going on this week. I totally forgot about it and you should feel free to do the same. We here at 52 have your best interests in mind. I gave you a great contract, a wonderful evaluation system, an increase in teachers choice and the ability to be turned into an ATR at any moment. Being an ATR is really the second best job in system, after mine, as ATRs have their entire borough to teach. Who else can reach so many young minds? I've worked hard  with our new mayor to get a meaningful discipline system in place and hopefully metal detectors will come out soon. We all know we have the best behaved students in the world- why penalize them with rules and regulations? Also, thank goodness, there are no more vocational schools. All students will be sent to college. That youngster next to you may be taking out your heart one day. What a fabulous time we live in! Ignore the grumblings of the malcontents, who invade my buffets like a swarm of locusts, eating my quail and caviar like it grows on trees. Look to the retirees as an example. Leave the voting to them. They are older and understand the intricacies of complicated union matters. In closing, I hope you realize how lucky you are to still have a job.
Fraternally yours,

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