Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Won't Trump Debate Sanders?

                                                      Green Acres, Washington, D.C.

    Many people think Sanders is finished and Hillary has the nomination in the bag. I don't think so.  Trump must agree because he's changed his mind about debating Sanders A debate with Trump in which Bernie did well, would tremendously help Bernie's chances. As I've said before, if it's Trump vs. Hillary, Trump wins. If it's Sanders vs. Trump, Sanders wins. I believe Trump knows this and isn't giving Bernie that opportunity.


  1. Trump has said that since Hillary is the front runner he sees it as a waste of time to debate Bernie. Plus I am sure he wants to stay far away from the violent #feelthebern supporters.

  2. Yes. His excuse rings false because he challenged Bernie, put a 10 million dollar price tag on it and reneged.

  3. Time will tell. If Bernie happens to win the Democratic nomination Trump will have to debate him. But doubt that will happen anyway.

  4. Interesting election. The Republican establishment doesn't want Trump, the Democrat establishment doesn't want Sanders. Ryan isn't endorsing Trump for a reason. Stay tuned!


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