Thursday, June 16, 2016

ATRs are UFT Members

Get back in the pool and stay there!

     It's June, the month of weddings, graduations and the end of the ATR agreement. Chaz has reported on his blog that it's been extended. If so, how and with what changes, if any? Were your opinions asked for? Mine weren't, nor any ATR I know of. Were any ATR groups asked? No. So how is this decision being made? We weren't permitted an ATR chapter because this would 'solidify a temporary group', but the UFT would continue its existence, regardless of the effect on ATRs, schools and students? We have a designated representative whom I've never met, but from many accounts is a pleasant and fair person. Wouldn't it have been prudent to call a general meeting to get input from us? Some seem to want to be an ATR until they hit 99 years old and others are popping Xanax like M&Ms. Heck, just letting people have their say would go along way towards giving the appearance that the UFT is actually a democratic union. Even if the majority of ATRs' needs and wants are disregarded, at least they would have been vocalized. Most of us feel completely isolated, ostracized and completely excluded from the union we support. To read that this decision has already been extended, (with no official proclamation from the union and no input from us) only fosters those feelings, like a festering boil.
Update: The UFT has done the right thing and let the provision expire.

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