Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last Minute Decisions

                                                      Mike: Well Amy, it's been an eventful year! My reelection is a big vindication of my hard work.

Amy: You deserve it, Mike.

Mike: Any last minute items to do, before I'm off to the Hamptons?

Amy: Let me see ... Actually, yes. The ATR agreement is up for renewal.

Mike: Do we actually have any ATRs left?

Amy: Yes, quite a few (pauses) I think.

Mike: So if I extend it, one day terminations and monthly rotations?

Amy: Yes. If you don't, its weekly and no expedited hearings.

Mike: (Looking puzzled) Decisions, decisions. (He then takes a gold krugerrand out of his pocket) Call it.

Amy: Is that a gold coin?

Mike: Yes. Andy told me to always have gold on hand in case of emergencies.

Amy: You better tell Bill.

Mike: Oh, don't worry about him. He has a speed boat at the pier that reads Fidel #1. Call it.

Amy: (Chukles) Heads you renew it, tails you let it go.

Mike: (He flips the coin high in the air.) Ah. (They both look at the fallen coin.) I'm exhausted, wait until September to announce it. Have a great summer.

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