Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where are you Going to Move When Trump is Elected?

Goodbye Ruth!
     This has been a hot topic among my friends for some months. Ruth's comments on moving to New Zealand if Trump wins http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ruth-bader-ginsburg-cant-imagine-what-the-u-s-would-be-president-trump/ has many laughing. I guess the Donald isn't the only one who can unselfconsciously speak their mind. Trump of course, is indignant and wants her to step down as Supreme Court judge. There are several of my friends who are planning on leaving this country when they retire. In fairness, it's not Trump they're fleeing, but a myriad of reasons - Trump is just an added impetus. Astronomical college tuition, high taxes, rampant age and race discrimination and crime are the major reasons. So here's the list in order of popularity: Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, England and Panama. I should note that these are all teachers with kids in school. None have any family or blood ties to these countries. All these nations have their positives and negatives. At least two or three of my buddies will actually make the move. When educated American people seriously consider and plan to emigrate, from the United States, something is terribly wrong. Ironically, it's Trump's fundamental appeal (to 'Make America Great Again!") and he's Ruth's fundamental reason to flee.

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