Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who will be NYC's Next Mayor?

Have you missed me? No more Mr. Nice Guy!

   It won't be long before the mayor's seat is up for grabs. Who will run? Who will win? DeBlasio will run of course, but I see very little chance he will be reelected. The aura of malfeasance made visable via Preet, has all but ensured that. Even without it, I don't think he would be reelected. He's preceived as arrogant and an idealist. I like idealists, but in this city you have to be a pragmatist.
    Scott Stringer may run for office. I think he would do well in the election. He's experienced and hasn't upset too many people. He's would not be a polarizing candidate.
    There are also a number of extremely obnoxious anti-public education candidates that could become well financed by the deformer groups. The problem is that most of them are transparent in their lust for power. I don't see any of them doing well.
     There are two former mayors who could run and win. One is Rudy Giuliani and the other is Michael Bloomberg. Term limits for office are for consecutive terms. There is no law to stop them. Rudy has hitched his wagon to Trump. If Trump wins, he may play a role in Trump's administration. That leaves Bloomberg. Could Bloombeg run again? Yes. Will he? Perhaps, especially if he precieves that all his hard work has been for naught because of DeBlasio and/or that the city needs him and/or because he misses the challenge. What would that mean for us (teachers)? It would be an unmitigated disaster.

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