Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Petty Media Attacks Trump

   As some of you may know I'm not a Trump fan nor will I vote for him, but this current attack on him is so rotten and low down I felt I had to comment on it. The same media that attacks teachers, our salaries, our interest rate on our TDAs has decided that Trump's unguarded and recorded comments from 11 years ago should be publicized. I don't know if you've ever had the experience of saying something privately and hearing it back - taken out of context and used against you. That happened to me some years ago and is happening to Trump on a whole different level now. It's worse than a betrayal, it's a petty vindictive way to hurt him. This election is a bizarre, nasty horror show. Hillary should not use these comments against him, as it will open a feeding frenzy on her husband's peccadilloes. The next debate is on Sunday.


  1. The media should have exposed his comments because that is how he really feels about women. I have always said that Trump is the kind of man who doesn't think a woman is worth much. In fact, I would say that Trump thinks that a woman's only place is in the kitchen and in the bed servicing men.

  2. That comment was from 11 years ago and was casual banter between two guys trying to impress one another. Just about every guy I've ever known has said something equally offensive at sometime in their life. I do believe Trump is sexist, but there was plenty to go after him on that without stooping this level of petty viciousness. He's going to go after Bill's behavior big time tomorrow night.

  3. ...but the main reason that I support the teachers and their modest salary and pensions is precisely because the 1%-elite-owned media consistently (daily?) and relentlessly attack and misrepresent (not just NYC) teachers in the newspapers, on the internet, tv, radio, you name it. When the 1% are demonstrably against something it's better for the 99% to support that something!

  4. The 1% are petrified that Trump will get into office, especially if he taxes everyone at a 15% as he has said he would. Trump is one of the 1%, but has always been ostracized from most members of that group - of which Bloomberg, Zuckerberg (Daily News) and Murdoch (NY Post) are stalwart members. This latest bit of nastiness will finish him or propel him (tonight) into the White House.


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