Friday, December 9, 2016

Andy Puzder Will Hunt the Middle Class into Extinction

The Middle Class is Next

      If you feel a little depressed this holiday season, you aren't alone. I know there are many that are scared and miserable over the recent election, and you need to prepare yourselves for a fight. We are not alone in facing uncertainty. Many professionals are facing displacement because of a variety of causes - technology, out-sourcing, and foreign competition. Technology will have a devastating effect on the American worker (and there should be a national job retraining iniative to counteract it). Not many occupations will be left unscathed. The American worker and our rights as workers, union members and human beings should be protected and respected, especially as the future looks so troubling. Unions, minimum wage, unemployment insurance, and overtime pay are all things many of us take for granted. This is at the heart of the middle class. The same heart that was won by Trump and is now being staked as if it was Dracula's.
     The person Trump has picked for Secretary of Labor, Andy Puzder, doesn't take our rights for granted - he doesn't believe in any of them. He's a fast food tycoon. He will help run our country the same way leadership academy principals have run and ruined our schools. The infamous business model at work again. I believe he is a much more troubling and dangerous choice, for our respective ruination, than DeVos. DeVos at least seems to want students to succeed - Puzder wants us replaced with robots and slave labor.

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