Saturday, January 7, 2017

Meditate for the New Year

    Anxiety, depression and anger seem to be incredibly prevalent with many of us who have stressful jobs. Some may medicate with Xanax, Valium, Marijuana, alcohol or even more illicit drugs. Others use food, compulsive shopping, sex, gambling and excessive exercise. Still others slip into video games and TV as a way to escape. Many of these items will make things worse, some considerably so, unless you find a positive outlet to deal with these negative emotions. If you are a religious person of any religion, chances are you may have experienced meditation without realizing it. Rosary beads for Catholics and Episcopalians, prayers beads for Muslims and chanting or davening for Judaism. Many religious people of any faith seem reluctant to try other meditation techniques feeling it may be traitorous towards their own faith or an indoctrination into Buddhism. It need not be. Yoga can be completely secular, as can meditation. It is a universal healthy way to help your mind and body. It works for many people. Give it a few tries, instead of reaching for that bottle of vodka or weed at the end of the day. It sure beats a hangover, smelling like a skunk or worse. You may be pleasantly  surprised. There are many ways to meditate, even coloring. Here's a link .

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