Saturday, February 25, 2017

What the UFT Should be Doing

Say hello to your new chancellor!

  Last week I wrote an abbreviated version of my conversation with Niles. He asked me to post the rest.

Niles: Tell me how you think the UFT should be doing things.
Atlas: You know how I feel. It should be democratic and inclusive. What do you think?
Niles: It desperately needs change. If that change means me opting out of paying union dues so be it!
Atlas: How do you think that will help?
Niles: It'll force them to work for the money! A type of artificial competition via economic incentive.
Atlas: You have a point, but you know how cheap teachers are. Many would want something for nothing, especially if someone else is paying. The people paying -
Niles: Like you!
Atlas: Yes, like me, may end up feeling like fools. But I think it would be a disaster. The UFT has to come off its high horse and help everyone paying dues, right now.
Niles: What do you mean?
Atlas: I mean the newbie who's on his fifth year of probation with five different preps, the ATRs that want a permanent position, the targeted teachers, and quality of life issues.
Niles: You mean like cellphones, parking, no cafeterias.
Atlas: Yes. Would that make you reconsider paying dues?
Niles: Yes, it might. But they'll never do it. Look how they just gave the endorsement to deBlasio. They learned nothing from the Hillary endorsement debacle.
Atlas: Endorsing deBlasio is nessesary. He will be the next mayor, in good part because of Randi's endorsement of Hillary over Bernie that put Trump in the White House.
Niles: They should have gotten some concessions - not the bullshit I heard that they forced the hand of the mayor to let Farina retire in June.
Atlas: That is BS. She was retiring anyway.
Niles: What the f-ing UFT should be doing is hand picking the next chancellor.
Atlas: I agree, but remember the UFT loved Farina.
Niles: Mulgrew would have loved Atilla the Hun after twelve years of Bloomberg!
Atlas: True, but the bloom is off the rose with Carmen.
Niles: Is it? Is it really? Let's hope the UFT does something right and help pick the best person for the job.
Atlas: Amen.

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