Saturday, February 4, 2017

What's Going on with the ATR Pool?

Livia - I won't read it, so don't ask.

   Yesterday, I received the monthly UFT rag, The Teacher, so I decided I would actually read it. It's been quite a while as I usually put it right under my cats' litter box. The first thing that hit me was the third page. There's an article that reads 'DeVos, voucher measured OK'd'. My teenage daughter, who desperately wants to be a teacher and writes for her high school newspaper, said, 'Wow, the UFT is backing DeVos and vouchers?!'. I said let's read it first as it's written by the UFT, but that wouldn't be the first time a counter intuitive strategy was used to hurt teachers. (Let's not forget the discriminatory provisions against ATRs in the 2014 contract or the UFT charter schools.) Upon reading the small article, it just mentions the opposition to DeVos and against vouchers was passed. My daughter read the rest of the paper and remarked some of its articles were excellent, good and terrible. We agreed it was terrible in the places it was unintentionally humorous, misleading and  especially for the information that is left out. No where are ATRs mentioned. It's like we don't exist. There's plenty of recent rumors and news concerning us, and no one from the UFT is informing us. We learned that Mr. Randy Asher was hired to help ATRs get back to teaching from a Daily News article. Since that time, there have been numerous rumors, which have ATRs elated or despondent, depending on their perspective. I believe as veteran teachers, that have been paying dues for decades, we deserve some respect from the UFT. Why not have a UFT ATR liaison write a monthly paragraph that keeps us apprised of news, negotiations, trainings and opportunities? Is that too much to ask for or is the ATR pool being drained as I write? I guess we won't know, until we know.

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