Sunday, June 11, 2017

How about a Raffle?

I like raffles.
    It feels like summer today. Another year over already. I'm making my list of things to do and people to see. I don't care about the UFT having meetings to explain why this 50K offer isn't a shafting. I'm not taking it and I only know one ATR that is considering it. Last week the Chapter Leader at my school asked if I was planning on taking this 'terrific opportunity' and I said no. He said, "You should reconsider - they have some nasty things planned for you guys." He wouldn't elaborate. I guess that's what's referred to as the fear factor. I believe it's that fear that the UFT is betting on and what's keeping them from having meetings. (If you have any questions email the UFT or just get out your Magic 8 Ball.) The fear that people imagine is always much worse than reality. The best horror movie directors scare by not showing their monsters. It's what caused several of my colleagues to leave teaching, rather than become an ATR when our school closed. It's what causes most of us not to take a risk that could greatly benefit us.
     I was listening to a lecture by Alan Watts last night. He said something profound (and I'm paraphrasing) 'Once you realize that you will eventually die there is no fear in living.' I don't believe many ATRs will take the offer, but there are many teachers that would. Why doesn't the UFT offer everyone the same deal? Aren't we all considered teachers? Why should only one group be offered this 'opportunity'? If the UFT or DOE (they have become increasingly synonymous) doesn't want to offer this to all teachers, why not just offer the budgeted amount, that is turned down by ATRs, to those teachers that want it? How? A UFT raffle of course!

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