Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chancellor Rosie O'Donnell?

     I wasn't always a fan of Rosie O'Donnell. I knew she had a tough upbringing and came out on top. She seemed to have always spoken her mind, even when it got her in trouble. I wasn't a true fan of Rosie until she came out of the closet. Prior to that time, my wife and all her friends would race home after dropping the kids off (this was before DVR). hang out and watch Rosie. Once a year they'd get tickets and go visit her show. I remember when she came out, there must have been some backlash, because her popularity seemed to take a nosedive and she seemed to take on a bit of a hard edge. My wife and friends remained loyal but she lost some fans. She did however gain others. Shortly after that initial coming out, I was in Nova Scotia on vacation. Rosie had her own cruise ship and was landing at the pier I was shopping at. I was talking with all the lady vendors there. Their main concern, and I'm not joking, was that she wouldn't romantically hit on any of them. I told them I thought Rosie was involved in a relationship and I didn't think they had to worry (most of them looked like Nanny McPhee). It made me realize that Rosie gave up a lot to be honest and true to herself. She may have also helped others - even those that weren't involved in issues related to her's.

    At around the same time I was watching Donald Trump on the original Apprentice. It was a great show and my poor opinion of him started to change and I began to like him. Then something happened that made me shake my head and realize there was something profoundly wrong with him. Rosie made fun of his hair style and he became so over the top nasty that I was speechless. I thought he'd laugh it off and say thanks Rosie, but he went for the jugular and didn't stop. He made himself look like a complete fool and I lost all respect for him.

   During the presidential election Trump brought up Rosie's name many times and it was often very mean spirited. I thought he might try to reach out to her and make friends, but, alas it didn't happen. It solidified his petty persona.   We now have Trump in office. He wants to dismantle public education, bring in charters, get rid of unions and have a right to work nation. How does our union president respond?  Mulgrew is afraid to utter Trump's name and refers to him as '45'. Rosie on the other hand has come out with a game in which the player can opt to have the Donald dropped over a cliff, into a volcano or eaten by a T-Rex.  (This has outraged some conservatives who may feel this may give some the idea to clone a T-Rex and threaten the president.) Who do you think Trump respects more? Who would he prefer to fight? Who would win? Rosie; and the more he opened his mouth the more he'd lose.

 There have been rumors that Chancellor Farina may be retiring soon. Perhaps Bill is actively seeking a successor? Bill has been very vocal and strong in standing up to Trump. My sugestion is that he considers Rosie O'Donnell for chancellor. She is strong, vocal and smart. She cares for kids, teachers, schools and is a New Yorker. Bill, if you're listening, consider Rosie O'Donnell. I am entirely serious. We need fighters like Rosie in office.


  1. It's an interesting idea, but I don't know where Rosie stands on education. A whole lot of people who seem otherwise not insane are reformies. Let's make sure she isn't before we nominate her.

  2. I remember her supporting the arts in public schools and speaking out for public school students. That was a number of years ago. There's no indication that she's changed her views.


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