Friday, August 25, 2017

A Sign that the World May Not End Soon - Chalkbeat Writes an Unbiased Article


    I must say this past year was a difficult one on many fronts.  I see anger and divisiveness everywhere. It feels like everyone is being stereotyped according to some predetermined yard stick. It's difficult to see, hear, read and experience. Most of us have experienced it at some time in our life and some have empathy for others that may currently be experiencing it. However, there's always a big group that pushes back with anger and the same behavior towards the offending group(s). As an ATR, I have accepted my position, such as it is. I'm no longer angry, worried or despondent. I did occasionally get offended recently at ATRs being labeled by various media sites as lemons, perverts, pedophiles, drunks, lazy losers, etc., etc. I have rarely (never ?!) read an unbiased article from main stream media on ATRs. So imagine my surprise when in a fit of boredom I took a glance at Chalkbeat and came across such an article. I felt like the guy on the Antiques Roadshow that finds the Crown's jewels in a dumpster.
   I have to give credit where credit is due. Bravo to you, Christina Veiga.

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