Wednesday, July 11, 2018

G-d Save the Quail!

Make a wish, but not on a quail bone!

   As some of you may or may not know, the UFT has extravagant tastes in everything. They own a huge building at 52 Broadway and have an elite force of reps that squeeze into three thousand dollar suits, collect two salaries and pensions and enjoy the finer things in life. Their coffers went up again this week as they signed up 800 new teachers out of the 4000 the DOE is expected to hire this summer. These new hires will be replacing all the excessed teachers that have been thrown into the ATR pool because of school closings and budget cuts a la Fair Student Funding.

    New hires are the only ones that will have to opt in to the UFT- those malcontents that would like to leave, a.k.a. ginks, finks and goons, will have to opt out. The UFT will cry poverty regardless and are embarking on austerity cuts. No more quail - at least openly. They seem to be expecting a few (that are willing to jump through hoops) to drop out - but mortgaging 52, signing up 4000 new hires and all those commercial rentals should see an increase in the UFT's bottom line, not a decrease. (Say nothing, don't breathe a word of it.) The rank and file need to think the very idea of unionism is at risk with the Janus ruling. Peer pressure, guilt and shaming through name calling must be employed to keep those that are on the fence, off. Under no circumstances should the needs and wants of those disaffected individuals be allowed to become verbalized; and under no circumstance should any of these potential communicated outrages be allowed as leverage for change to the status quo. The UFT will not negotiate with anti - UFT terrorists! These democratic provocateurs must be stopped! The UFT elite are prepared to make a huge sacrifice and forego the quail, if necessary. G-d save the quail! (And G-d, please save the rest of us from the UFT.)

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