Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Let's get an ATR Chapter

      As Janus gives us pause to contemplate our relationship with the UFT, it also gives us the opportunity to voice our needs and wants. ATRs get a once a year meeting on the difficulties of obtaining a restroom key. We have continuously attempted to get our own chapter and have continually been denied. Mulgrew's reasons have been - 1. By giving ATRs their own chapter the UFT is solidifying a temporary group and 2. ATRs already have a representative.
     The ATR pool is thirteen years old and there is no indication that it is in any way temporary. I know ATRs that have been rotating to different schools for that entire thirteen year time span.

     A single representative, formerly Amy Arundel and currently, Mike Sill is and was inadequate. That's not to say they aren't fine people doing their jobs, they are, but we need someone that will fight the status quo, not maintain it. We need timely and pertinent information. We need meetings and some type of recognition and respect from our union. Other, much smaller groups have chapters, why can't we?

I started a petition today. Maybe it will help. It felt good doing something positive. Sign it if you agree. Let's try to get the UFT to work for us and create a means of communication.


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