Friday, February 1, 2019

Vote! Vote! Vote! (and sign these petitions)

Dear Brothers and Sisters (in and out of hell),
      As you may or may not know there are UFT elections coming up. These elections are so rigged they could be seriously compared to a 1980s Soviet republic's farce and the UFT's would win as the most un-democratic. So why bother? For me, and perhaps for you, it's a way to exercise the very limited voice we have. As a retiree, I still have LSD like flashbacks of my years in over 75 different high schools in all levels of Hades, so even though I've left, something still remains. I feel mostly sadness for all the lies and bullshit that are fed to the public, the parents and to us about the state of our schools. No one gives a crap about the students - it's all an elaborate charade. Make no mistake, the UFT is 100% complicit. Instead of celebrating that graduation rates are up, Mulgrew should hold a press conference and tell the truth. (You know who else knows the truth? Eva and her gang of money hungry demons, and that truth will eventually be used against us. I'm getting off topic.) I am still allowed to vote in upcoming elections and plan on doing so.
    I was hoping the different caucuses could get together as a united front. I was, of course, saddened to hear that they didn't. The one caucus that has always kept it together and helped the most underrepresented group, ATRs, is Solidarity. Solidarity has always had my support because they have consistently brought our issues to the forefront and have helped us as a whole and individually. Even if you aren't going to vote for Solidarity, I am asking that you sign their petition, so there is at least the appearance of democracy and the wonderful opportunity to say 'FUCK YOU, Mulgrew'.
   Thank you, time is of the essence, please follow this link as it has all the petitions and directions, and please share it

PS - The easiest way to do this is to take a screen shot of the signature page, then open it via your photos, then hit edit and markup to sign and then send it back.

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