Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving !

 I haven’t written for a while and it’s almost Thanksgiving again. I think we all have much to be grateful for and I’m hoping that we will have a better year in 2023. It seems that everything is in such flux that things we took for granted are now blissful ignorance at best. The sand beneath our feet seems to be shifting continuously. We will have to fight to hold onto what we have and not let anyone or anything take away what we have earned and cherished. That includes the people and organizations that we may have perceived in the past as friends. One shouldn’t have to ponder if a friend would work against us. The answer of course is a loud and resounding, “NO!” And just because you or I criticize the UFT or our government does not mean I am anti-union or a traitor or whatever other adjective is bandied about by those who rather a silent and obedient retiree/teacher/citizen. Dare I say there are people who are beginning to wake up? I don’t believe there is anything that will jar Mulgrew and his toadies into a semblance of a democratic union hierarchy other than the withholding of dues. It would’ve been much easier to manifest that change if Mulgrew had warned working teachers not to go in for those three days of travel and useless meetings in March 2020. But Mr. Mulgrew remained silent in order not to be troubled with the automatic dues check off. You see if he had done the ethical and humane thing, as I think almost any of us reading this right now would have, and issued a warning or an outright mandate not to report - he would have been taken to task by the city and not been able to collect those automatic dues. He would have had to have asked us all to send in our dues. Not a real problem for a real union. The thing is the Uft has not been a real union for a very long time. So as Mulgrew and friends attempt to set us at odds against one aother, in order to please the current mayor and the city, remember we are better than that. We are better than those who pretend to represent us via what was once our union. Don’t fall for any of the nonsense that is coming out of the UFT - call your representatives and start standing up for yourself in every way possible. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your family and friends. 

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