Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Greetings!

   Well, it’s that time of year again. I have the building decorated to the hilt. I have the ugly Christmas elves named after all of my enemies and I have a new custom made one. I usually buy all the building’s decorations at the Dollar Tree and charge the coffer 50 times the total amount. I gather various receipts from my inner cadre and use them as proof of expenses. Why am I telling you this? To let you quarter-wits know that I can’t be touched and even if I take everything from right in front of your noses, I will remain in power - because I am the PRESIDENT and I know what’s best for you. Do not question me on anything! I am going to shove Medicare Advantage straight up your keisters!  How dare you try to fight me on this! I just got back from the West Indies and had a beautiful doll made up with Marianne‘s face and measurements. I’m sticking pins in it as we speak. She’ll be praying for Medicare Advantage by the end of the day. Oh, what a wonderful Christmas! Try to enjoy it, while you can. 

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