Thursday, March 28, 2024

Can You Feel It?

 I’m sitting here watching the news, and none of it is good. It honestly seems like there is a mental health crisis, which nobody is addressing and which is manifesting itself in all types of violence and crime. That’s on the micro level, the level that is apparent in a neighborhood, borough and city. It’s also apparent on a national and international scale. Many countries seem to have similar situations going on, but none are as divided, angry and mentally ill as us. And by us, I mean, American people living in the United States. But it’s more than just that. As the weeks go on, and the months of 2024, I have an overwhelming sense of dread, waiting for something seriously bad to happen. Will this be the day? I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I can’t brush it off. I think something will happen, and I think the fuse for it is the upcoming election. Let me say right here that I am no longer a Democrat nor am I a Republican. They are two sides of the same coin. The country needs someone who can bring us together, not divide us further. I believe we’re right at the brink of some type of civil war. I hate even saying those two words - it’s so upsetting. If perchance there isn't an election, if Trump is assassinated, or he’s somehow barred from the election it will result in a … If he gets into office (and he will overwhelmingly win against Biden), he will most assuredly go on his revenge tour against individuals, municipalities, states and organizations. He will also set up a subtle and not so subtle authoritarian foundation that will be solidified and be with us for many years and this will also result in … Of course, I certainly hope that none of this happens.

 I came across this video recently, I think it’s excellent. The young guy who did it uses historical reference and offers some compelling information and insights. If I had to offer advice, I would say to think rationally and move yourself away from the tribalism and divisiveness that has become so common place. Teachers are the most intelligent and rational folks out there. We need to live up to that ideal.

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