Monday, February 26, 2024

Meandering thoughts this February (updated link)


Time seems to be flying by. The weather said nothing about rain, but it’s teaming right now and cold. I’ve been trying to exercise more and feel about 102 (years not pounds) on a good day. I was in the Bahamas the week before President’s week on a great Italian cruise line. (That’s one of the perks of being retired - you can take advantage of vacations when kids are in school.) I’m not much of a cruise guy, but my wife loves it. The food was great, but it comes with a price and it isn’t (only) money. But, enough about that. That is all trivial in reality. I still keep hoping that people can do something to bridge the growing divide and find common ground in anything. There is so much hatred and divisiveness everywhere now. I had hoped that it would die down once Trump was out of office. I really don’t want to see him back in again and not because his policies are wrong, but because of what he does to people. It’s a vicious cycle of hate. The people that hate him are as bad, or worse, than the people who love him. There’s very little difference. Their common ground is their mutual hate of one another. But, there’s no way that Biden should remain an office. He should be removed immediately. Not that I’m enamored or unconcerned that Ms. Word Salad 😵‍💫 would be in charge - its a very frightening thought. But hey, she’s the vice president - let’s see what she can do. It would be impossible to be worse than Joe Biden. In fact, it would have to be intentional. 

The hatred that was born out of the Trump presidency, and of those elected worldwide leaders that emulate him, have made the world a powder keg. That hatred has burned and spurred a worldwide progressive left movement to bigger and crazier ideas, regardless of efficacy, relevance or common sense. Good intentions seem to be the only thing that matters. One of the left’s major unspoken, unwritten and unpopular doctrines is unfettered immigration. It , in almost every western country, has become a rallying cry for the left and right. It’s causing a shift of seismic proportions - politically, demographically, economically and culturally. European countries are losing their identities and culture. There are areas in England, where people don’t speak English. It’s the same in Germany, France, and it’s quickly spreading to other countries who have historically and culturally been the oppressed and were not colonialists, such as Ireland. The United States has had a rich history of welcoming (and also of hate towards) immigrants, but never an open board policy that welcomes almost everyone, regardless of their preparedness or our’s. It is creating a volatile situation that will have long range repercussions. It is evident on a micro and macro level. Mayor Adams was right about one thing - that the immigration situation here in New York City has the potential to completely destroy it. I would venture to say we are well on that path. I believe that something needs to be said or done (heavens to Murgatroyd) by the Uft, because as the money runs out in New York City, it will up the rhetoric for our healthcare and potentially our pensions. (I know some of you will say that cannot be done because there has to be a constitutional convention. All they have to do is call an emergency one because of the lack of funds in this city.) It is that bad.

And let me add I have absolutely nothing against immigrants. It is unbelievably wrong to let millions of them in here without any type of plan or system of support in place. It’s wrong for them and it’s wrong for us. I also find it incredibly wrong that some of the students that are graduating with my daughter this May are facing deportation if they don’t find a job in their field of study. She has already seen several female friends deported who graduated last year with honors in engineering. These are incredible kids that speak the language, love the country and have much to offer our society. Have a great rest of the month. Spring will eventually arrive. 

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