Thursday, February 19, 2015

Andy, Mike and Randi - A Parody

Andy: I've come to collect. You know what I want.

Mike: Will I get to keep my minions and some semblance of authority?

Andy: Of course, Mike. Put up a little fight to make it look good.

Randi: How about Tweeting!? You'll love it!

Mike: What the hell (sorry Andy) is that?!

Randi: Just get some of your followers to say they are against whatever Andy wants.

Andy: Do you think anyone is stupid enough to fall for that?

Randi: What are you kidding?! They're teachers! I got them to sign off on the 2005 contract!

Andy: That was beautiful work, Randi. But what have you done for me lately?

Randi: Well, I have opened up NYC public schools for receivership by allowing it in Massachusetts.

Andy: Interesting. How can I get that to work for me?

Randi: Just let the schools go into receivership, terminate everyone and give it to whomever you wish.

Andy: One of my biggest supporters will love it. Randi, once again I have to say, you are the best!

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