Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Atlas Shrugged


Harry: Atlas, you are wise and worldly. Give me some advice. If I get called for an interview, what should I do?

Atlas: Do you want to be subjected to an expedited dismissal process? Danielson, Common Core, constant observations and an imitation position?

Harry: What do you mean imitation?

Atlas: Provisional. You're thrown back to the wolves at the end of the year. That's assuming they haven't already thrown you back with 1 strike toward dismissal before then.

Harry: But Atlas, I want to teach! I feel like my profession has been stolen from me.

Atlas: It has, but there's no reason for you to allow them to steal your livelihood as well.

Harry: This ATR bullshit is driving me nuts. What's the point of it?

Atlas: They can't fire us, so they want us to quit. The ATRs who want positions will wander; the ATRs who want to wander will be force placed. In September of 2016, ATRs will be placed in failing schools that will be put into receivership, so that they can easily be  terminated  with the rest of those staffs. This will stop the creation of new ATRs and get rid of the existing ones.

Harry: So maybe I should take a job now and hope they keep me?

Atlas shrugged.

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