Sunday, February 15, 2015

UFT To Retirees: Happy Valentine's Day!

The UFT gave out what they would like perceived as a Valentine's Day gift to the retirees. Not really a gift, in that it was owed and then paid for by active members. It is an example of how bereft of integrity the union has become. Is it borrowing from Peter to pay Paul? Is borrowing the correct word?
Somethings are more important than money- fairness, loyality and truth. Most teachers I know don't care about the money, it's the principle. Members should have been asked. I suppose the UFT assumed we'd refuse and just took it anyway. Then why not let the retirees wait a little while longer? Assurances were made and there are elections next spring (2016). Do retirees vote in union elections? Yes, yes they do. Why do retirees have such clout during elections? I'll let you come to your own conclusions.


  1. I am getting the "gift" and don't think it is right. UNITY will not get my vote.

  2. You are a very ethical person. I think most teachers as a profession are, and hopefully will see this as a very obvious ploy.


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