Friday, February 13, 2015

Is the Uptick in Anti-Teacher News Stories a Coordinated Strategy?

In perusing the NY Daily News online  today, I was amazed at the amount of recent vitriolic articles about teachers. Some of them seem to be created just to cause negative public opinion. For example, the article
More retired teachers are pocketing six-figure pensions, would have the general public believe all teachers are grossly overpaid. This is not a news article. This is research project with a specific goal. In another article, Special ed teacher at Queens school punched 10-year-old boy: cops, the individual teacher is singled out for public inspection and judgement. How can a rational person defend these monsters? That's what the next article is about, City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña criticizes Cuomo's education plans. They are presenting Farina as public opinion fodder for not agreeing with Cuomo's plans to eviscerate us. If she went along with him, she would be heralded as a reincarnation of Queen Victoria, instead of an old granny.

There seems to be a definite agenda going on here. It smacks of propaganda and is biased. Why? The most logical interpretation would be that it sells papers and is what people seem to want to read about. Some teachers believe there is a coordinated conspiracy. Do people hate us? Do people think we are rich pedophiles, who do nothing? Most people do not, but that may be changing. There's a lot of money to made on privatizing education. If teachers are viewed as monsters, this market can be quickly opened up. The Governor is on board, the public is being brainwashed, and the teacher's union is sinking in quicksand (while trying to tweet itself out).

There are billions of dollars and 1.1 million students at stake. How will it play out?

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