Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ATR Guru Predictions as told to an ATR Neophyte

ATR Neo: "Thank you for your lessons. What's coming down the pike, oh gifted one?"

ATR Guru: "Specific questions, please. I will answer them directly - I don't work for the UFT."

ATR Neo: "What's going to happen with Cuomo's anti-teacher agenda?"

ATR Guru: "It's going nowhere. Cuomo's priorities have dramatically changed."

ATR Neo: "What's going to happen with ATRs?"

ATR Guru: "In June of 2016 a substantial buyout package will be offered to ATRs. For those that don't accept, they will be placed for a year at a time at the neediest schools - it will be very close to a waking, walking nightmare."

ATR Neo: " I have 10 years to go! What can I do?!"

ATR Guru: "After DiBlasio leaves, the crap will hit the fan. You need an exit strategy. The system we have now will not be here in 5 to 10 years."

ATR Neo: "This is terrible! Is this an inevitable event or a possibility?"

ATR Guru: "It pains me to say it, but it is inevitable. It is a direct effect of the actions of wealthy entrepreneurs, their media allies and the 2005 teacher contract." "Teaching as an honorable profession will return after an entire generation of students are lost. That will be 15 years from now."

ATR Neo: "Give me some hope, Guru!"

ATR Guru: "You have to remember this is not your fault! Ride it out for as long as you can, but don't become devastated when it's over. Don't waste your time and money with administration classes, there's way too many of them. Look for other opportunities, you'll find them."

ATR Neo: "Thank you, I guess."

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