Monday, February 2, 2015

ATR Survivor - Lesson 1 - Only the Invisible Survive


                                                                          ATR Guru

ATR Neophyte: "How, Oh ATR Guru, can I survive in these dens of inequity, when so many want my head?"

ATR Guru: "Make yourself invisible. Draw no attention to yourself. Be professional and courteous. Dress casually. Choose the correct picture for the ATR who wants to survive.


ATR Neophyte: "Newt, obviously. He's very well dressed, well spoken and likes the public eye. If he were an ATR he could last forever."

ATR Guru: "You poor deluded fool. The administration would think he was a plant from OSI or was going to take one of their jobs. All the 25 year old admins would feel threatened by his knowledge and he would be sent into the girls restroom to check if any toilet paper was needed."

ATR Neophyte: "Then it's got to be the relaxed gentleman with his cell phone!"

ATR Guru : "Fool!" "A slob like that will create a toxic mix of disgust, envy and anger with everyone he comes into contact with. He will rarely leave the teacher's lounge and will be a sitting duck."

ATR Neophyte: "Then it's got to be the middle aged friendly guy! But why oh Guru!?"

ATR Guru: "The guy presents no threat. He looks like the young teachers father and the older teachers husband. He also seems friendly and happy - which can be dangerous, but that's for lesson 2!"

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